Week 15: Classmate Interview with Nathan Baldonado

Art 110

Our last Classmate interview for the year! This week I met Nathan Baldonado.


Nathan is a first year here at CSULB, currently studying Film. He hopes to be a cinematographer, and then ultimately a film teacher.

Nathan is from Cerritos, but he dorms here at CSULB in Hillside B. I live in Hillside C! It’s crazy to me that I keep meeting people that I had never seen within the dorms before.

Nathan was originally a child development major, because he wanted to be a teacher. In high school, he was even voted by his teachers “Most likely to be a teacher”! Even though he received this praise, Nathan has always been into photography and film. He decided to switch his major and he is very happy!

I have a lot of respect for people who major in the arts- it takes a type of talent and skill that cannot be attained by training. I believe that you must be born with the talent then must improve upon it. I know that I am not creative enough to do film or art, though I really do love, treasure, and enjoy it. Good luck, Nathan!


Week 15: Artist Interview with Elia Murray

Art 110


Our last gallery visit of the semester! This week, within all five of the galleries, was the BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show, “Drawn Out”. I loved that this whole exhibition was large enough to span throughout all of the galleries.

Inside the Gatov Gallery, I spoke to Elia Murray, who is receiving her BFA in Illustration. Her work caught my attention because of how lighthearted and cheerful it seemed. Once she told the group that she wanted to do character design, it was obvious that she would do great within this career path.



Elia told the group that Illustration and Animation go hand in hand, yet are not the same thing. She is currently waiting to hear back from certain studios where she has applied for internships in order to start her career in character design. Within character design, the director or creator of a project would describe a vision of a character, and then the artist brings it to life. Elia has already proved her talent with this- she writes her own poetry and short stories and brings them to life.

Murray comes from an artistic family- both of her parents are artists so she was taught to draw at a young age. She mainly uses watercolor, but lately has been getting into three-dimensional figures.

When I asked how she felt about this show, she described this show as a “culminating moment” for her and all of her colleagues. She compared it to a graduation ceremony- THIS is their personal graduation ceremony. All artists displayed their works and judges decided what pieces would be in the show.

I wish Elia Murray the best with her career after CSULB!

More art from “Drawn Out”:





Week 14: Artist Interview with Yireh Elaine Kwak

Art 110


This week in the entire Gatov Gallery was the group show, “Liminal”. The show was extremely diverse- the pieces were so different from one another but somehow it all worked. Tied together by an extremely heartfelt artist statement, this show was wonderful.





One of the artists, Elaine Kwak, was a familiar face! We saw her show earlier this year in the Gatov Gallery, also. It was so awesome to see her again and see how her art is growing. I recognized the type of piece she made, and asked her if it was a piece she had previously included in her other show. She told me that this was her newest piece, yet it still was part of the other body of works we had previously seen. She loved that we remembered her and were able to see how her art is growing. That was also something that I loved! Whenever I see art that I love I always hope to see more from that artist, and now this week it came true.


Kwak chose this piece specifically for this show because she felt she really came out and did a wonderful job. I agree! This painting is “Not just a pretty landscape, it is also psychological and represents her family in a way. At least that’s what my teachers said!”

When I asked if she was friends with the other artists in this show, she quickly exclaimed that she and these other artists are true friends, “each others ride or die friends, if you guys know what that means”. All of them watched each other grow as artists and as people during their time here at CSULB.

It was amazing to see Elaine again! She always creates amazing landscape pieces, and like always, I would absolutely love to see more.

Week 14: Classmate Interview with Daniela Hernandez

Art 110


This week while in the CSULB Art Galleries, I met Daniela Hernandez! Daniela is a first year student here studying Journalism. She would like to do PR with fashion- she is the first person I’ve met who is studying Journalism! I love that throughout this class I’ve met so many people of different majors.

While Daniela is from Long Beach and lives close, she dorms here at school. In the same building as me! For some reason my building was a little quiet this year, and I didn’t meet a handful of people. One being Daniela. We forgot to take our picture at the galleries but no worries because we apparently lived 20 feet from each other!

Next year, Daniela wants to study abroad, in London to be exact. She told me about the host families that can have you and how the experience goes and she seemed super excited! With my major I don’t think studying abroad would work well- Kinesiology is very science based and most of the majors that study abroad are liberal arts majors. I will be traveling in my life though, and with an experience in London, I’m sure Daniela will be too. However her plans for next year go, it was great to meet her and I wish Daniela the best!

Week 13: Easy Street- Trying Classmates’ Algorithmic Art

Art 110

This week I decided to try two Algorithmic Art procedures, Text Message Poetry, belonging to Jasmine Barnum and Alphabet Stories, belonging to Amanda Bjornstad.



1. Get your mobile device!

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

My result:

” Right laid are your for send you going I get ”

I wish mine made sense like Jasmine’s; hers showed meaning and mine sounds like a dictionary threw up!



  1. Write out each letter of the alphabet.
  2. Write a word next to the letter, starting with the listed letter.
  3. Write a story connecting all the words together.

My result:



























“Hello, you! By the apples! Have you seen my baby brother?!” He frantically asked. “I thought I last saw him by carrots because he wanted some, but then again he also wanted some donuts.. or was it eggs? Agh please help me find him!” The frog was talking to a rabbit, who was shopping for her family’s next bobbing for apples game. The rabbit and the frog searched for the frog’s little brother, and got to know each other while they searched. The rabbit shared that she was waiting to hear if he got a scholarship to Harvard, as he really longed to get out of his family’s miserable igloo. He felt his phone ring, and it was an email! He jumped to answer it. He got into Harvard! AND he got into the studying abroad program! He would soon be going to Korea. The frog congratulated him- he shared that he worked in a lamp factory, and was currently striving to memorize all of the pieces of the new model. With the searching, they forgot to introduce themselves properly! “My name is Nerissa“, said the rabbit. “My name is Jim”, said the frog. They made plans to go to the opera, and got in line and each paid for their groceries. The cashier was a friendly penguin, who mentioned that the Nerissa looked like a queen! Nerissa blushed and hurried to pay because she could tell the robot behind her was getting impatient. With the plans she made and the compliments she made, Nerissa had forgotten about her brother! Nerissa saw a snake security guard chasing her brother around on the the store on the security camera television screen above the exit doors. Her brother was running around with an umbrella yelling “I’M YOUR VENUS, I’M YOUR FIRE, YOUR DESIRE”. She quickly grabbed him, deeply apologized, and took him to the car. Nerissa tried to scold him, but his whale toy in the car distracted him and he didn’t listen. When they got home, he tripped over his xylophone, and got a bruise that quickly turned purple and yellow. Nerissa thought that he deserved this karma, but his crying got him a trip to the zoo from his parents. Nerissa can never win.

Okay so this was so weird! Since I read Amanda’s letters she chose, I didn’t want to choose my own words because I thought hers would influence mine. So I had my roommate Nerissa choose my words. And that is how this ridiculous animal story came to be.

Week 13: Artist Conversation with Marty Knop

Art 110


In the Werby Gallery this week, was Marty Knop and his MFA printmaking exhibition. At first this all looked like randomness to me, but talking to Knop definitely helped me understand.

When I walked up to the group discussion with Knop, I heard him telling the group that his art was generative art using algorithms and coding. We just did that! Well not me, at least, but that’s what Week 12 here in Art 110 was about! He also told the group about his collaboration with Dawn Ertl, who had her work shown in the Gatov gallery not too long ago. He told us that he helped her with the weather pattern pieces she made, turning the weather into a product using the Mathmatica program. I loved hearing about his collaboration with another artist who’s work I had seen.

My first question for him was about the colors he used in his show. Because  all of the color pieces looked the same, I assumed these were just colors chosen and generated by the program he used. His answer proved me wrong, though. Knop explained that each piece has layers- digital printing, screen printing, and gouache paint. He has full control over the color he choses to use, digital printing being the base and then he has the most control when he finally uses gouache paint in the end to finish final details.

After he answered this for me I went back and really got a full view of the depth of his pieces.

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Marty Knop!

IMG_1154       IMG_1156

Week 13: Classmate Interview with Cedric Vu

Art 110

While inside one of the art galleries this past Thursday, I met Cedric Vu! He is a first year student here at CSULB, studying film. This was awesome to me because my boyfriend goes to The Los Angeles Film school and I’m surrounded by film stuff and references and ideas whenever I am with him. Cedric has always had a thing for art growing up, but he always thought he would have a “make money” kind of job. But as he got older he realized he should go for what he really wanted to do in life.

I found out that Cedric swam in high school like I did! He swam butterfly, which I HATED with all my heart. He said he had no swimming background prior to high school swim, but when he tried butterfly, he had a thing for it.

Currently, Cedric is a dancer at Disneyland in the Pixar Parade, in the California Adventure park! I thought this was really interesting,- I haven’t been to Disney since I was a sophomore in high school and I had never met someone who worked in this part of Disney. All the people I’ve known to work at Disney were simply just ride employees.

Cedric was probably the most interesting person I’ve met through these interviews- all aspects of his life that I heard of were very different.

I wish Cedric the best with film, dance, and everything else in his life!

Week 12: Classmate Conversation with Kasi Gibo

Art 110


This week I met Kasi! She is finishing up her last semester here at CSULB, and is graduating in May!  She is finishing up her major in communications, so a huge congratulations goes to her! Kasi already has her cosmetology license, and she would like to use both of her big accomplishments together for her career. She would most like to work for a makeup company, traveling and teaching new makeup techniques. This would be a great use of all of her knowledge.

Kasi is from Cypress, not too far from CSULB. She has two older sisters so she is the baby! Growing up, Kasi was very athletic. She started running with her mom when she was in the 4th grade, and also played basketball for 13 years. She loved cross country and still runs today. We both agreed largely that growing up playing a sport or being involved in something is extremely important.

She currently works in Nordstrom doing makeup- that seems like an amazing job and she sounds like she loves it. She was extremely kind and energetic- I wish Kasi the best on finishing up this semester, graduating, and whatever else she decides to take on in life!

Week 12 Artist Conversation with Ashley Sharpe

Art 110


As soon as the artist exhibitions were talked about in class this week and I heard about the theme of cats, I was excited! Now, I’m no crazy cat lady. But I do have four cats at home. Maybe that makes me a crazy cat lady, I really hope not. So because I love cats, I was extremely curious to see how Ashley could capture the essence of cats within her art.

IMG_1114                IMG_1117

Ashley Sharpe’s work in her show “Meow” was simple, but at the same time not simple at all. Because of all the time that goes into printmaking, it was evident that this was not work that just anyone could pull off. While speaking to Ashley, she informed us that the piece that took her the longest was this one, her piece depicting an embryonic cat.

IMG_1118Sharpe said that this one took the longest because of the layers to the piece.

In her artists’ statement, Ashley stated that she didn’t own any cats, but she loved the cats she has lived with because they brought a sense of peace and euphoria. I asked her what made these cats such good companions to her, and she told me that when she moved here she was lonely and found friendships and comfort in the cats that her roommates owned.

From the perspective of a cat owner of 12 years, I fully understand the relationships she created with these cats. I also really hope that Ashley soon has the chance to own a cat of her own. I really enjoyed this exhibit, from all the work, to the theme, and especially the glitter.

More pieces from “Meow”


Art 110- Class Overview EC

Art 110

When I signed up for this class, it was to get some GE credits done while allowing myself a class I would enjoy going to. I was expecting a basic art class: every week or two working on a new or different kind of project, with criteria we’d have to meet on our pieces. But this isn’t high school, and that’s not what I got.

What I got was a class that allowed me to experience a multitude of different ways to create and enjoy art. With 12 weeks of activities, there were some I loved and some I felt not so great about. Throughout the course, these were the 12 activities we did

1. Web Design (WordPress)
2. Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)
3. Social Photography (Instagram)
4. New Media (The Mina Show)
5. Arts Funding (Kickstarter)
6. Fiber Arts (Yarn Bombing)
7. Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)
8. Remix Culture
9. Architecture & Urban Planning (CSULB Campus)
10. Student Choice
11. Sculpture (Plaster Casting)
12. Algorithmic Art

Right off the bat, my ultimate favorite was Week 7: Landscapes with a Corpse. I had a lot of fun thinking about what I would do within my picture, and I enjoyed even more seeing how my classmates went about their “deaths”. Getting my picture on cover of the beach arts week 8 page was a plus, too! 🙂

My next favorite activity was definitely Week 11: Plaster Casting. I love the piece I got out of it and I will definitely be doing this again with my friends! Any project involving the beach is my kind of project, to be honest

An other activity I loved was Week 1: Graffiti Art. Right off the bat, this activity made me excited for this class. It was cool to see my ability with a spray can, and I used the resulting piece as art to decorate my room back home.

Of course, there were weeks I didn’t enjoy.

Week 6: Fiber Arts was an iffy week for me. I definitely don’t have crocheting skills, and was hesitant to do this project. My end result wasn’t that great and I felt like most people weren’t gonna get great pieces out of this simply because we all were hugely out of our comfort zone. Of course though, getting out of comfort zones is what most of this class was about.

I also didn’t get much enjoyment out of Week 8: Remix Culture. Because we were left with such a broad array of possibilities, I felt like a lot of us were left dumbfounded.

Overall, I loved this class. The art galleries every week were really great to see, as we mostly saw different kinds of art each week. Everyone in this class was exposed to art they probably hadn’t seen before, and might not have ever seen if it had not been for this class.

Thank you for everything! I really have thoroughly enjoyed this class and everything it had to offer.