Week 15: Artist Interview with Elia Murray

Art 110


Our last gallery visit of the semester! This week, within all five of the galleries, was the BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show, “Drawn Out”. I loved that this whole exhibition was large enough to span throughout all of the galleries.

Inside the Gatov Gallery, I spoke to Elia Murray, who is receiving her BFA in Illustration. Her work caught my attention because of how lighthearted and cheerful it seemed. Once she told the group that she wanted to do character design, it was obvious that she would do great within this career path.



Elia told the group that Illustration and Animation go hand in hand, yet are not the same thing. She is currently waiting to hear back from certain studios where she has applied for internships in order to start her career in character design. Within character design, the director or creator of a project would describe a vision of a character, and then the artist brings it to life. Elia has already proved her talent with this- she writes her own poetry and short stories and brings them to life.

Murray comes from an artistic family- both of her parents are artists so she was taught to draw at a young age. She mainly uses watercolor, but lately has been getting into three-dimensional figures.

When I asked how she felt about this show, she described this show as a “culminating moment” for her and all of her colleagues. She compared it to a graduation ceremony- THIS is their personal graduation ceremony. All artists displayed their works and judges decided what pieces would be in the show.

I wish Elia Murray the best with her career after CSULB!

More art from “Drawn Out”:






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