Week 14: Classmate Interview with Daniela Hernandez

Art 110


This week while in the CSULB Art Galleries, I met Daniela Hernandez! Daniela is a first year student here studying Journalism. She would like to do PR with fashion- she is the first person I’ve met who is studying Journalism! I love that throughout this class I’ve met so many people of different majors.

While Daniela is from Long Beach and lives close, she dorms here at school. In the same building as me! For some reason my building was a little quiet this year, and I didn’t meet a handful of people. One being Daniela. We forgot to take our picture at the galleries but no worries because we apparently lived 20 feet from each other!

Next year, Daniela wants to study abroad, in London to be exact. She told me about the host families that can have you and how the experience goes and she seemed super excited! With my major I don’t think studying abroad would work well- Kinesiology is very science based and most of the majors that study abroad are liberal arts majors. I will be traveling in my life though, and with an experience in London, I’m sure Daniela will be too. However her plans for next year go, it was great to meet her and I wish Daniela the best!


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