Week 14: Artist Interview with Yireh Elaine Kwak

Art 110


This week in the entire Gatov Gallery was the group show, “Liminal”. The show was extremely diverse- the pieces were so different from one another but somehow it all worked. Tied together by an extremely heartfelt artist statement, this show was wonderful.





One of the artists, Elaine Kwak, was a familiar face! We saw her show earlier this year in the Gatov Gallery, also. It was so awesome to see her again and see how her art is growing. I recognized the type of piece she made, and asked her if it was a piece she had previously included in her other show. She told me that this was her newest piece, yet it still was part of the other body of works we had previously seen. She loved that we remembered her and were able to see how her art is growing. That was also something that I loved! Whenever I see art that I love I always hope to see more from that artist, and now this week it came true.


Kwak chose this piece specifically for this show because she felt she really came out and did a wonderful job. I agree! This painting is “Not just a pretty landscape, it is also psychological and represents her family in a way. At least that’s what my teachers said!”

When I asked if she was friends with the other artists in this show, she quickly exclaimed that she and these other artists are true friends, “each others ride or die friends, if you guys know what that means”. All of them watched each other grow as artists and as people during their time here at CSULB.

It was amazing to see Elaine again! She always creates amazing landscape pieces, and like always, I would absolutely love to see more.


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