Week 13: Artist Conversation with Marty Knop

Art 110


In the Werby Gallery this week, was Marty Knop and his MFA printmaking exhibition. At first this all looked like randomness to me, but talking to Knop definitely helped me understand.

When I walked up to the group discussion with Knop, I heard him telling the group that his art was generative art using algorithms and coding. We just did that! Well not me, at least, but that’s what Week 12 here in Art 110 was about! He also told the group about his collaboration with Dawn Ertl, who had her work shown in the Gatov gallery not too long ago. He told us that he helped her with the weather pattern pieces she made, turning the weather into a product using the Mathmatica program. I loved hearing about his collaboration with another artist who’s work I had seen.

My first question for him was about the colors he used in his show. Because  all of the color pieces looked the same, I assumed these were just colors chosen and generated by the program he used. His answer proved me wrong, though. Knop explained that each piece has layers- digital printing, screen printing, and gouache paint. He has full control over the color he choses to use, digital printing being the base and then he has the most control when he finally uses gouache paint in the end to finish final details.

After he answered this for me I went back and really got a full view of the depth of his pieces.

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Marty Knop!

IMG_1154       IMG_1156


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