Week 12: Classmate Conversation with Kasi Gibo

Art 110


This week I met Kasi! She is finishing up her last semester here at CSULB, and is graduating in May!  She is finishing up her major in communications, so a huge congratulations goes to her! Kasi already has her cosmetology license, and she would like to use both of her big accomplishments together for her career. She would most like to work for a makeup company, traveling and teaching new makeup techniques. This would be a great use of all of her knowledge.

Kasi is from Cypress, not too far from CSULB. She has two older sisters so she is the baby! Growing up, Kasi was very athletic. She started running with her mom when she was in the 4th grade, and also played basketball for 13 years. She loved cross country and still runs today. We both agreed largely that growing up playing a sport or being involved in something is extremely important.

She currently works in Nordstrom doing makeup- that seems like an amazing job and she sounds like she loves it. She was extremely kind and energetic- I wish Kasi the best on finishing up this semester, graduating, and whatever else she decides to take on in life!


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