Week 12 Artist Conversation with Ashley Sharpe

Art 110


As soon as the artist exhibitions were talked about in class this week and I heard about the theme of cats, I was excited! Now, I’m no crazy cat lady. But I do have four cats at home. Maybe that makes me a crazy cat lady, I really hope not. So because I love cats, I was extremely curious to see how Ashley could capture the essence of cats within her art.

IMG_1114                IMG_1117

Ashley Sharpe’s work in her show “Meow” was simple, but at the same time not simple at all. Because of all the time that goes into printmaking, it was evident that this was not work that just anyone could pull off. While speaking to Ashley, she informed us that the piece that took her the longest was this one, her piece depicting an embryonic cat.

IMG_1118Sharpe said that this one took the longest because of the layers to the piece.

In her artists’ statement, Ashley stated that she didn’t own any cats, but she loved the cats she has lived with because they brought a sense of peace and euphoria. I asked her what made these cats such good companions to her, and she told me that when she moved here she was lonely and found friendships and comfort in the cats that her roommates owned.

From the perspective of a cat owner of 12 years, I fully understand the relationships she created with these cats. I also really hope that Ashley soon has the chance to own a cat of her own. I really enjoyed this exhibit, from all the work, to the theme, and especially the glitter.

More pieces from “Meow”



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