Week 12 Activity: Algorithmic Art

Art 110

In class, we started to look at Algorithmic, or Procedural, Art. I liked the idea that instructions were the source of these pieces of art, and these instructions created such different pieces, such as the ones with instructions written by Sol LeWitt. I decided to instead of doing music or sound, I would give myself instructions on making an algorithmic drawing. I was expecting something random, nothing like I had ever drawn or done before. That’s exactly what I got.

My instructions:


1)Using a ruler, draw a straight line on a blank piece of paper

2) Draw an other line, making sure both lines touch at any point.

3)Continue this, each new line touching the last

4) Stop drawing lines once the page looks evenly covered in lines

5) Open Pandora Radio- choose shuffle station

6)Start to study for Nutrition 132 quiz

7) Every time you choose to skip a song, fill in a random shape with circles

8) Every time a song plays that you like, shade in a random shape completely

9)Repeat until you finally remember all of the water-soluble vitamins

My final result:


This activity left me curious as to what different results I would get if I had someone else do it. It made me fully realize how different peoples’ perspectives of the same things may be, and how that may affect their actions. Even while instructed to do the exact same thing, people will go about it in different ways.


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