Art 110- Class Overview EC

Art 110

When I signed up for this class, it was to get some GE credits done while allowing myself a class I would enjoy going to. I was expecting a basic art class: every week or two working on a new or different kind of project, with criteria we’d have to meet on our pieces. But this isn’t high school, and that’s not what I got.

What I got was a class that allowed me to experience a multitude of different ways to create and enjoy art. With 12 weeks of activities, there were some I loved and some I felt not so great about. Throughout the course, these were the 12 activities we did

1. Web Design (WordPress)
2. Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)
3. Social Photography (Instagram)
4. New Media (The Mina Show)
5. Arts Funding (Kickstarter)
6. Fiber Arts (Yarn Bombing)
7. Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)
8. Remix Culture
9. Architecture & Urban Planning (CSULB Campus)
10. Student Choice
11. Sculpture (Plaster Casting)
12. Algorithmic Art

Right off the bat, my ultimate favorite was Week 7: Landscapes with a Corpse. I had a lot of fun thinking about what I would do within my picture, and I enjoyed even more seeing how my classmates went about their “deaths”. Getting my picture on cover of the beach arts week 8 page was a plus, too! 🙂

My next favorite activity was definitely Week 11: Plaster Casting. I love the piece I got out of it and I will definitely be doing this again with my friends! Any project involving the beach is my kind of project, to be honest

An other activity I loved was Week 1: Graffiti Art. Right off the bat, this activity made me excited for this class. It was cool to see my ability with a spray can, and I used the resulting piece as art to decorate my room back home.

Of course, there were weeks I didn’t enjoy.

Week 6: Fiber Arts was an iffy week for me. I definitely don’t have crocheting skills, and was hesitant to do this project. My end result wasn’t that great and I felt like most people weren’t gonna get great pieces out of this simply because we all were hugely out of our comfort zone. Of course though, getting out of comfort zones is what most of this class was about.

I also didn’t get much enjoyment out of Week 8: Remix Culture. Because we were left with such a broad array of possibilities, I felt like a lot of us were left dumbfounded.

Overall, I loved this class. The art galleries every week were really great to see, as we mostly saw different kinds of art each week. Everyone in this class was exposed to art they probably hadn’t seen before, and might not have ever seen if it had not been for this class.

Thank you for everything! I really have thoroughly enjoyed this class and everything it had to offer.


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