Week 11: Classmate Interview with Summer Morgan

Art 110

This week I talked to Summer! I feel like I had seen Summer so many times but had never really talked to her. I’m happy I did! She was extremely nice and energetic.


Summer is from up North, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara from a town named Orcutt. But she dorms here just like I do. That’s when I figured out why she looked so familiar! I had seen her in this class and most likely in the dining hall.

She is a Psychology major, hoping to use her degree for some sort of drug intervention programs. I think that’s so cool! And definitely the most original thing that I’ve heard someone want to do with a Psychology major.

Summer has 4 brothers and sisters, while I have none! We talked about how different people’s upbringings are depending on family and where they grow up. Something we shared was that we were both denied admission from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, sadly! However I’m extremely happy with my choice in Long Beach. On the other hand, Summer wasn’t. Next year she’ll be returning to her hometown to go to community college and work, with hopes of transferring to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I give Summer her props! She knows exactly what she wants and is gonna get there at all costs. I wish her the best, she deserves everything she can accomplish in life.


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