Week 11 Activity: Sculpture

Art 110

When we watched the video demo on plastering at the beach, I was immediately excited because it seemed like something that wasn’t too hard and had great results!

Because I don’t have my own car here in Long Beach, I wasn’t able to make it to the Seal Beach class session. So later on, I asked my friend Sam to take me to the beach, and he immediately agreed as all he had to do that day was study. Let’s face it, the beach is way better. We went to Long Beach City Beach, and to our surprise, we went to the part of the beach that is called “Rosie’s Dog Park”, a large designated area of the beach that dogs can have fun in! I didn’t even know that this existed! I was so happy- I got to do art and play with dogs, too! These are some of the dogs I met 🙂

IMG_1050  IMG_1037  IMG_1059

I went on with my project- dug a hole, got wet sand, and made my mold. I luckily made the plaster perfectly the first try. I poured the plaster in, and covered it from my doggie friends and waited! Since I had extra plaster, Sam made his own hand also.

When it came time to dig out my hand, I was joined by a curious doggy friend!


These are both Sams and mine’s hands:

IMG_1063Lucky sam- because I had already made mine, he got my expertise (sarcasm) and his came out better than mine! Plus I curled my hand and he left his flat so that also helped his. Too bad though, we should have left his in the sand longer to set. He lost a finger when we were brushing some sand off 😦 The inside was still kind of doughy. He still got really great detail in the knuckles though!

Overall I liked this project and I’m gonna try it again soon!



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