Week 10: Classmate Interview with Lacey Alaniz

Art 110


This week, I met Lacey. Lacey is originally from Huntington Beach, but dorms here in Hillside like I do. Next year, she’s hoping to have an apartment with her roommate, as soon as she can convince her roommate to take an apartment over a remodeled room!

A first year student here, she started off wanting to do History, but has now started looking into marketing. She originally wanted to teach history at a high school level, but has begun rethinking her career path. Those are pretty different but because her dad does marketing, she has a good idea about it. Lacey seems very bright and I think she can do anything she feels positively about!

Lacey played some a lot of sports- she grew up playing soccer, softball and field hockey. I had never met anyone who played field hockey! These are all super cool and intense sports, I think it’s really cool that she grew up with such an athletic background. Lacey also told me about her love for the river. I adore the beach, so it was cool to hear another perspective. Her family has a house in Arizona on the Colorado River, so that’s where her love for rivers came from. I’ve never been to a river or lake, but talking to her about it has definitely opened my mind towards it.

Because we both dorm, I’ll hopefully see Lacey around more. I wish her the best of luck!


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