Week 10: Artist Interview with Dawn Ertl

Art 110

IMG_0845          IMG_0844

This week in the Gatov Gallery, was Dawn Ertl. With her work, I explored the connection between environmental issues and art. Her inspirations were so interesting and I loved seeing her pieces.


Here is Ertl, with her larger piece, “One Nation Under God”. She began this piece, (all by herself, might I add) about a year ago. Her art is composed of wool, yarn and plastic. I really liked looking closely and picking out the different kinds of plastics used- straw wrappers, plastic bags, strawberry containers, pieces of plastic bottles, and tape dispenser rolls.

Her use of plastic bags interested me the most- they were woven, cut, crocheted, and tied in numerous different ways. Among many other things shared, she told us about plastic bags and why they are such a big deal. Plastic bags are made out of the waste material from oil. They can only be recycled once because of the wuiality of the plastic. Furthermore, most recycling plants cannot recycle plastic bags because they damage the machines for months at a time. Now I get why plastic bags are such a big deal, and why they are being banned all over.

My main question for her was how this piece varied- since it is hung from wherever it is being displayed, I asked her how she decided it would turn out. She told me that it varied very much with the architecture of the place.

IMG_0841              IMG_0837

Dawn’s art really made me think about the human impact on this world, both positive and negative. She shared that this is her last show here at CSULB, and I wish her the absolute best! Her ability to make people think will get her far.


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