Week 9: Classmate Conversation with Hannah Drake

Art 110

This week I met Hannah!


It’s funny, as I walked into the courtyard I was trying to scope out someone to talk to. But it looked like everyone was already talking to someone. Then Hannah and I saw each other and simultaneously asked to interview each other.

I found out that we’re both Kinesiology majors with emphasis in Exercise Science. In fact, Hannah was just coming from her volleyball class. We talked a lot about our majors, and the science that’s involved. I found out that Hannah is thinking about switching her major from kinesiology. We literally just talked about kinesiology and the complications that come with our major. When you get your bachelors, you either become a PE teacher (after getting your credentials), or become a physical trainer. In order to do physical therapy, you have to go on to Grad School to get your Masters. Because of all of this complicatedness and the science that goes into Kinesiology, Hannah is thinking about switching.

While we agreed on basically everything, I still feel super confident about my path with Kinesiology. It did feel good to have someone to talk all the Kinesiology troubles!

Hannah was really nice and I hope to see her soon!


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