Week 9 Activity: Architecture and Urban Planning

Art 110

This week I was pretty excited about this assignment because before I decided on Kinesiology, I wanted to do Architecture!

Cognitive Map

So this is what CSULB looks like to me:


I think I did a pretty good job- I go all over campus so I have a pretty good idea of where everything is! I’m sure I’m missing some buildings because there are so many on this campus- a bunch I probably haven’t even heard of, or have seen, but really don’t pay much attention to.

Re-designed CSULB

Aight. So. My biggest problems with this campus are: the Library and Rec Center are literally the two farthest points from my dorm. And my most visited. I guess it’s good that they are far so I get a good walk in before I do what I need to do, but this map was made by lazy Lizbeth, not reasonable Lizbeth!


When you compare it to my cognitive map, you can see that I put the Library, Bookstore, and Rec Center closer to the middle of campus. And the dorms closer to campus. Forget that 20 minute walk to my Comm class! Another big thing I did was place parking ALL over campus, I didn’t leave it concentrated on the lower part of campus like it is now. We are a commuting campus and I know that’s a huge problem here! There’s not enough parking, and it’s all on lower campus.

Adopted Building

So this was kinda hard, but then I decided to do the Library! To me it’s an awesome place and a place that all students go to no matter their major or interests.


This is the library in 1955! Seating capacity was 300, but originally in 1949, the seating capacity was only 48, because it was a single room! That was back when CSULB was Los Angeles- Orange County State College. Our present Library was opened in 1972, as the largest library in the 19-school California State system! I think that’s pretty cool, and that we here at CSULB should be thankful for the resources we have. From a seating capacity of 48, we now have a seating capacity of over 4,000! Looking into the Library’s history was extremely interesting and I’m happy to adopt it.


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