Week 8: Classmate Interview with Jasmine Barnum

Art 110


This week I talked to Jasmine Barnum- a second year health science major. She hopes to go into OT (Occupational Therapy), which is cool because I want to do PT (Physical Therapy)! She really seems to have an interest for her major and that’s something we have in common. Jasmine loves to adventure and definitely opened my mind to a bunch of things, especially to cliff jumping! Even though she hurt herself doing it, I would definitely try it. I added it to my summer list 🙂 (AND YES I HAVE A SUMMER LIST NO SHAME)

While we were in the art galleries, we both had some of the awesome juice Brian made and we loved the show going on in the gatov-west gallery. While talking about our jobs, I found out she works at Creamistry! I have never tried it but have heard about it and I really wanna try it! Hopefully the day I finally go, I catch her there! Props to Jasmine, she’s juggling almost 30 hours at work and 17 units at school! Huge thumbs up- you’re doing great!

Jasmine and I both are in long distance relationships, but hers is definitely harder and I respect both her and her boyfriend for keeping happy while he is in Oregon! She’s going to see him over spring break and I hope she has an amazing time! My boyfriend lives where I am originally from, in Santa Clarita, about an hour and a half away. I see him very often and I’m really thankful for that! (That was a weird side note but hey, I love my man). A random and weird thing we shared was that when Jasmine and I are home, we are both neighbors to our boyfriends! Not like next door but super close. I thought that was the weirdest thing.

Jasmine was extremely nice and even after the art galleries we walked to her next class and talked about a bunch of stuff, like our love for the beach. I really hope to keep in touch with her!


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