Week 8: Artist Interview with Brian Davis

Art 110


Okay. First thing’s first. JUICING IS AWESOME.

Alright let’s get down to business.

So this week, I met Brian Davis in the Gatov-West Gallery. This was definitely my favorite artist interview so far, because yo’ girl got juice!

For this gallery, Brian invited all of his friends to come preform- Maccabee Shelley was there from week one! This entire gallery was really interesting.

Brain was there with two types of juicers- one that masticates and one that shreds the fruit or veggie apart with blades. I personally think that juicing IS an art or at least a talent. I suck at it- my mother and I attempted it just for fun and we ended up almost breaking the machine and creating some pretty nasty stuff. I kind of want to try it again though, as Brian told me that he went through A LOT of trial and error to get as good as he now is with the juicer and with deciding what to put together. On Thursday, he made it look so easy! He just looked along his table of ingredients and chose whatever he saw. I’m sure he was putting thought into it while he did it but man did it look random and effortless. Brian says that when he first started, he had no idea what he was doing and he’s come very far. He juices for nutrition, not for taste, which make sense but at the same time, I wanna enjoy what I’m drinking. You feel me? When I asked him what his favorite things to put in his juices were, he told me that he actually goes through phases of what he likes. Right now he’s into green drinks with kale, spinach, and a little citrus! Other than juicing, Brian is a Paleo dieter, and he warned us that we can’t just juice- gotta get your fiber! He admitted to have gotten sick from not getting his fiber before :p

Along with his amazing juicing skills, Brian was actually the most friendly artist I’ve spoken with thus far. He actually asked Jasmine and I what our majors were, something that kind of took me aback. He was very genuine in his questions and comments.

IMG_0721      IMG_0720

Loved this exhibit!


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