Week 8 Activity: Remix Culture

Art 110


I had such high hopes for what I would do this week- I finally decided on making a huge collage of pictures using pictures from my phone’s camera roll and using the different (or similar) colored pictures to make some kind of other image. Because of a family emergency, my innocent trip home ended up very chaotic and I admittedly pushed off my remix culture assignment. But worry not! I jacked my boyfriend’s phone and used the “predictive sentence” function to create a bunch of sentences that made little or no sense. I chose to do this because taking words from a bunch of different songs seemed less funny. Plus I got to bug my boyfriend by doing this. I chose a random letter to start off the predictive function, and then chose the very first word that came up for about 8 or 9 words per sentence.

I chose the letter P to start this one: “Please follow me i love you so much”—— I guess his phone thinks I’m some fan girl on twitter?? Who even knows.

I chose the letter Q to start this one: ” Quick question is whether the government has been a long time ago”——— ILLUMINATI. GOVERNMENT. APPLE SCANDAL. Idk who even knows.

I chose the letter T to start this one: “The only one who is the best thing ever is when I was just a little bit of a”———-A little bit of a what?!?!

I chose the letter L to start this one: “lol it just doesn’t seem to be a good idea to be able to see you” ——-Well fine, Philip’s phone…. i see how it is….


Overall this was such a random idea, but my final thought at the end of each sentence seemed to be “Okaaayyy… who even knows” and to be honest, I think that’s what remix culture is all about. It’s not supposed to make sense!


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