Week 7: Landscapes With A Corpse

Art 110

This week, Landscapes With a Corpse, was definitely my favorite activity week of all so far! Maybe because I really like dark stuff- blood and mystery and gore; or because I like reading into the meanings behind pictures.

I am actually not a huge fan of photography, simply because I believe that it is a purely learned talent that can be done by anyone, and it doesn’t require much skill. But that’s just me.

What I loved about this week, though, was that it didn’t matter about your photography talent or skills- what mattered was the meaning and intent you wanted to be seen by the audience through the body and landscape pictured.

Growing up, I have literally lived in a pool. I wanted to take my picture in the Student Rec Center pool, but it turns out that you’re not allowed to film or take pictures there. Poo. So I switched it up and used the locker room- I think we’re still not supposed to take pictures in there but SHHH! Because there was a wet floor sign, a lightbulb went off in my head.

I was already wet from being in the pool so I took my picture as if I had slipped and fell in the locker room, coming to my untimely death. Including the sign in my picture added that irony that I really wanted to capture. Here’s my finished product!

I’m actually happy I didn’t take mine in the pool- I’m sure multiple people used pools.

IMG_0676             IMG_0672

I actually took A LOT of pictures but after being super choosy, I chose these two to finally show. I wanted to show both of these angles of the same setting. I loved this project and I’m definitely curious to see what others did!


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