Week 7: Classmate conversation with Angelica Palad

Art 110

This week, I met Angelica Palad! She is a first year nutrition major, who also dorms like I do! I saw her in the dining hall yesterday :p


The main thing that we had in common which I thought was amazing was our love for our majors. We talked a lot about how we chose our majors, and we both chose what we study through personal experiences. She chose nutrition because through her own struggles, she learned how to help herself and wants to turn that into a career. I chose similarly; I chose kinesiology because as an athlete I have been in the terrible situation of being injured and wanting to get back to the sport I love. With kinesiology, I can go on to be a physical therapist and help others.

Angelica has 6 other sisters! I thought that was so cool- being an only child, that’s so far fetched from my life. Surprisingly, Angelica never did sports, but she wishes she did! Her mom was always worried she would get hurt, which is totally normal, because athletes go through a lot.

We both really liked the art we saw and I had a great time talking to her! Angelica is extremely friendly; she has an awesome attitude and she was super fun to talk to. Hope to see you soon, Angelica!


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