Week 6: Yarn Bombing

Art 110

My face during lecture while Yarn Bombing was being explained:


I didn’t really understand the concept of Yarn Bombing at first- how is this expressive? What is the point? Do a lot of people appreciate this kind of thing?

I left class and was like “well, okay!”

After seeing the art galleries, I went upstairs to the Fiber arts department and saw some pretty cool stuff- in the hallway was this large sculpture, which incorporated many different materials. Including yarn!

IMG_0519        IMG_0520

I also saw cool machines like this one!


Seeing the random wrapping of yarn over the top of that sculpture made me feel better about how my attempt would probably end up- it made me feel okay with the random mess that would probably ensue.

So this week I cut up 3 shirts, took 3 strips, and braided them into one.


This is in my dorm building- the rail going upstairs. I guess it needed some sprucing up!

I took the braid and wrapped it around the rail- it ended up looking like this


While doing this a couple of my friends asked what I was doing- I couldn’t really explain it so I found pictures on my phone and showed them, and explained that this week I had to do something similar. This was my kind of “gentle graffiti!”. I got good feedback and my roommate said that once I take it down, she wants it. She likes the colors and wants it as a headband :p

Overall, now I understand why yarn bombing is pretty cool and how expressive it really can be.


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