Week 6: Classmate Conversation with Julian Pineda

Art 110

This week, I talked to Julian Pineda, a fellow freshman here at CSULB. He’s currently studying Criminal Justice in order to be a part of the FBI. Why? Because he wants to wear a suit to work. Duh! But he also enjoys psychology, an interest that we both share. IMG_0518 While walking through the galleries, we both had a really hard time interpreting some of the art. We both don’t see much meaning behind certain kinds of art, like what was in the gatov-west gallery, along with some photography we saw. I personally see photography as a learned talent, not something that someone can be genuinely gifted at. Other things aside, we definitely agreed that some art seems to be trying too hard to be meaningful. Julian lives in Garden Grove, not too far from school. He works at the Westminster mall in the Vans store- super cool! Gotta love shoes. Later, I found out that we both swam in high school, a really cool coincidence. He swam sprints, most importantly 50s because he doesn’t like distance. I swam 100s, what I believe to be the the happy medium between sprints and distance. Julian is a genuinely funny and cool guy- I hope to meet more people like him!


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