Week 6- Artist Interview with Emily Babbette

Art 110

This week in the Gatov Gallery East, was the amazing show entitled “La Vie En Noir” by two talented friends, Romina Del Castillo and Emily Babbette.

 IMG_0507       IMG_0515

Outside the exhibit was Emily Babbette speaking to my peers and myself. I had entered the Gatov Gallery on the West side, and was uninterested in the work that was exhibited there. But as soon as I saw the other side of the Gatov Gallery, I was immediately drawn in there. I personally love to sketch and I have this extremely deep appreciation for detail in sketches and art. For that reason, I really appreciated Romina and Emily’s work.

When I spoke to Emily, my first question was how long each piece takes, because of the extreme shading and detail that each drawing displayed. She answered that each one takes about 40 hours, about 12 hours of drawing the subjects and the rest of detail work. While the sketches and drawings I have done did not take me as long, I could easily relate and with and understand the amount of time spent with one piece.

The subjects in their pieces are friends and family, including one being Emily’s sister. She said that they are all extremely supportive and love seeing the finishing product

Before creating the pieces, Romina and Emily had long before agreed that they wanted to do a show together, also agreeing on the darker medium that their works obviously take on. When I asked why all the subjects were women, she replied “because- I don’t know.. girl power!”

Emily only started drawing about two years ago when she transferred here to Long Beach state from San Jose State. She was formerly a theatre major and changed her major to drawing and painting when she came here. She came here because of our amazing drawing and painting program, and changed her major because of the art she saw while studying abroad. Emily said that when she saw all of the beautiful art, she knew she had to also create pieces. While all these pieces in this show were figurative, Emily actually does a lot of landscapes! I would be deeply fascinated to see more of Emily’s work in the future in these galleries!

Here are some of my favorites from “La Vie En Noir”!

img_0944-0     IMG_0509     IMG_0508             IMG_0506     IMG_0505


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