Week 5- Kickstarter

Art 110

First category: Art!

(LOL CATegory….. you’ll get it once you see this first kickstarter)

“Cats Are Bad At….”


Alright. So I love cats and this automatically had my approval as soon as I saw the title. When watching the video, I really liked the honesty Jeff Pina put into his video, he literally just said what it was while holding his cat Simba, which was part of the inspiration for this project. He has rewards for everyone who pledges, starting at $5 and working its way up $150. I would totally have pledged if this project wasn’t already 800% pledged…? Super awesome project 🙂

In the same category of art, I found this kickstarter: “John Martin celebratory shirts + mugs”


While obviously a joke to make a friend mad, I guess I thought it was kind of a waste of space on a website people actually use to get their projects up and going. Funny, but pointless. Under their risks, they literally said “We just gotta talk to a t-shirt dude…”. Like what? Okay haha good one. I appreciated the humor but it had no detail or actual thought put into it.

NEXT CATEGORY~! Technology!

“The Pancake Printer”


Who doesn’t like pancakes? Everybody love pancakes, as shown by this project, which is already over 100% funded! I love the idea of a pancake printer, one day if they get this going, I will probably have one. I’ll be the freaking mom of the year. I really did love this idea but I really think that their video should have included actual video of pancakes being printed, instead of the expo marker. Especially because they said that they were successful with the actual batter. Would have loved to see that! If I was in the position to pledge, this would have been a close one for me.

“Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android”


First of all, they already have over a million dollars pledged. LIKE WHAT?! This is gonna be huge and I WANT ONE WHEN THEY ARE. I loved this video because they explained the product extremely clearly, along with how their journey has gone so far, and even how the product works. Their french accents were cool too 🙂

The speakers in the video spoke about design struggles they have had, and what they need to do in order to better it. That is a MUST with kickstarter- people want to know why you need our help! I loved everything about this kickstarter and how the creators of this amazing project went about their funding.

This was a really cool assignment! I hope one day to do something that is ambitious enough to require this kind of world-wide support!


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