Week 5- Classmate Interviews With Serena Carvajal

Art 110


This week at the student galleries, I met Serena Carvajal- a super sweet girl that I sincerely hope to keep in touch with. She moved to Long Beach about two years ago and finished up high school out here, and then came to Cal State Long Beach. Even though she lives really close, she decided to dorm because she wanted the experience. I totally agree, I’ve always wanted to dorm and I’m thankful that I got the opportunity. While talking, we covered the topic of being athletic and it turns out that she plays ultimate frisbee here at school with my roommate, Nerissa! When I found this out I thought it was awesome, and I realized how small of a world our campus can actually be. Because now I know someone else in ultimate, I kind of want to check it out, but I’m not sure. I’ll think about it!

Although she is in ultimate frisbee, she has never really considered herself to be athletic. She wishes that her mom had put her into a sport at a younger age, or she had just started sports while younger. She may not believe herself to be athletic, but I beg to differ! She ran towards the end of her years in high school and has even completed the LA marathon! I thought that was absolutely incredible and since I have started to run more, I would definitely aspire to finish something like that one day. We both agreed that no matter how good you are at a sport, you should do it for yourself, as she did with running.

Serena is a Civil Engineering major, the first person I’ve ever met within this major. She has already completed an internship, and with her confidence and this experience under her belt, I’d say she’s definitely on the right track to being successful within this field.

I absolutely wish Serena the best and I know I will see her soon!



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