Week 5 Artist Conversation with Brianna Allen

Art 110


When I first walked into the huge group conversation with Brianna Allen, the first thing I heard was her saying that she uses other people’s work as inspiration, just lets her mind and body absorb and then lets it live her brain without thinking about it too much, and later it comes out as her own. She doesn’t worry about replication and I really respected that from her.

She created the pieces numbered 40 through 49, my favorite being number 49, named Mating Rituals


This piece was my favorite because of the different materials she used, the main being sand and the other being bronze. She touched on why she used different materials; she doesn’t believe in limiting herself to one material, because it’s not beneficial. She loves incorporating other materials other than metal including sand, plastic, and glass, shown in these pictures of her other works.



Brianna has a personal show coming up soon, she said that it has more “personal interaction, and less metal”


I’m excited to see more!


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