Week 4- Performance Art & New Media


Tuesday in class when the assignment was explained I was intrigued by the videos we watched- performance art is something I am very unfamiliar with, so I thought this week would be cool doing my own “Lizbeth Show”

As cool as it seemed in class, once I left I kind of realized that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’m an extrovert, I like meeting new people and  I don’t tend to shy away from things. So “pushing my limits” was gonna be a pretty high limit- I knew it would have to be illegal….

lol jk no cop car rides for me

While walking to the gym, I realized that the easiest way to get myself out of my comfort zone was to do something that I was scared of- climbing trees

When I was younger, I liked to climb stuff and would never be scared, until one day I decided to brave a super high tree while being alone. Lol I got stuck. I had to wait until my mom realized I was outside for a while to come help me down. I kind of developed this fear of how bad it would hurt to hit the ground if I was to fall from a tall height.

Walking through the dorms, there are trees that look like the ones I used to climb, including the one I got stuck in. While these weren’t too tall, I decided I wanted to start small and try to get over this stupid fear.

While climbing, I had my “Lizbeth Show” moment and pretended a camera was filming me, and I reminded myself that I would be super embarrassed if I freaked out in front of all the viewers at home.

I ended up having a lot of fun, I’m happy to have pushed myself out of my comfort zone for this assignment  :}


Do I hide my fear and lack of balance well? I think so


Once I got into it :}}}}}


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