Week 4- Classmate Conversation with Jacky Mares

Art 110
This week while viewing the art exhibits, I spoke to Jacky Mares, a third year student here at CSULB. She was born here in the US, but her parents are from Mexico. Because my parents and are both from Mexico also, we began to joke about how Mexican mothers always tell you to put Vick’s vaporrub on your body whenever you’re sick. We don’t know how it works, but I mean it does. Just gotta trust momma!
She was studying biology, but has changed her major to health administration. She lives with her parents, since she lives so close she saw no point in dorming. I feel you girl, if my home town was closer I probably wouldn’t be dorming either.
A main point in our conversation that I couldn’t forget was about how no two people, even while at the same school, will not have the same college experience. She told me about her sister, studying at Cal State LA and how when controversial things happen in the world, CSULA gets way more protests and things of that nature. Even though we really aren’t that far from CSULA, we don’t get as many things of that nature. We agreed that every college is different, and even such a small distance will have drastic changes. I told her about my boyfriend studying film at Los Angeles Film school, and  commuting from Santa Clarita. That’s when we drew the conclusion that everyone has a very different path, and those paths only cross in a very small way while at the same school. Even at the same school, no two people will experience the exact same things.
Jacky has an awesome personality and was extremely easy to talk to, I hope to see more of her and I  I wish her the best on her journey here at CSULB.
I got to wear the hat B)

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