Week 4- Artist Conversation with Makaila Palmer

Art 110
This week in the Max. L Gatov gallery west, I got the amazing chance to speak to the extremely talented Makaila Palmer. Her pieces were part of an exhibit labeled “Odyssey, sharing the west side of the gallery with Rachel Gehrke.
Immediately as I entered the west part of the gallery from the east side, I recognized the location she had captured in the painting on the far right of the wall- Venice, Italy. My immediate question for her was if she had been there- she exclaimed “yes! I spent 4 months studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and while I was there I tried to branch out and see multiple other parts of Italy and Europe. With her roommate at her side, she traveled to Tuscany, Dublin, Capri, Manarola, Florence, and Venice.
In order to unify all of these paintings, she used the one thing that she saw that connected all of these places- not language, but money. Euros, to be specific. Each painting of each location has a hidden shape of that country, within the lower region of the painting. Each painting is done within the color pallet of that european bill, along with that number of the bill hidden within the lower half of the painting. Limiting herself to only using the color pallet of each bill with each painting was a way that she challenged herself within. Within each painting you can also see bridges- a feature on Euros that she loved and had to incorporate. She believes that European money is so beautiful and interesting, and our money is just… boring” I agree!
While away from home, she just took pictures and did sketches of the things she saw, and then she began to paint when she got back home. She had never done landscapes before these paintings, and she tried to unify each of the different landscapes by the colors she used on the top half of the paintings.
I have always aspired to travel all over Europe, and Makaila is determined to see more of the world, as her mom is very well traveled and inspires her to explore more. I hope to see more of Mikaila’s art soon! I truly enjoyed seeing Europe through her eyes.
Paintings from left to right: Tuscany, Dublin, Capri, Manarola, Florence, Venice
IMG_0357 IMG_0358 IMG_0359
Makaila and her two favorite pieces 🙂

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