Week 3- Social Photography Assignment

Art 110

Instagram is just something that I post on every couple of weeks, mainly for important things like birthdays or really cool things i’ve done. I had never taken to it to post daily things like what I see in class or what I do at the gym, because every day things like that never seemed too share-worthy to me. But this week I really liked posting throughout the day with my fellow classmates about things we do on a regular basis.

To start off my day of posting, I shared a picture of my bed and where I wake up every day. I love the sun and moon, and fell in love with a symbol that i hope to get tattood soon. i recreated it with chalk on my dorm room wall and hoped that my love for this symbol would add to the diversity that the art110s15 tag would hold:


after that, I posted a picture of my favorite piece of art that I saw that day! I seriously fell in love with this piece, and I will talk more about the art galleries I visited on thursday in my week 3- artist conversation post.


Later, I posted a picture I took with Sarah (more on her in a second!) and Professor Zucman himself! I love this picture. To quote Zucman: “let’s do this like we really like each other!”


Lastly, I posted my most recent discovery! I’ve fallen in love with rock climbing and have spent a lot of time at the rock wall inside of our Student Recreation and Wellness center this past week. It’s so much fun, it is something i can see myself excelling at in the future. I’ll probably post something about that separately in my spare time.


When looking through all the posts from my fellow art 110 classmates, I saw a lot of things that related us. Obviously, going to CSULB and seeing the pyramid and many landmarks daily. But something about the energy in all the pictures easily transferred through my iPhone 5c screen and I can easily conclude that all, if not most CSULB students share a certain spirit about being in Long Beach every day. These pictures were all so different but had so much in common at the same time!

With this assignment, I personally realized that there are more every day things that I do that are worth sharing with the world- I should use social media more to my advantage and share things that I feel passionate about on a daily basis. Simple posts within the art110s15 tag like what people had for breakfast or pictures of LB traffic are worthy of sharing- it’s what connects us and we should celebrate our everyday lives more, as redundant as they may seem at times.

I hope that other art 110 students saw the same thing that I did through all the pictures we posted, and that somehow we can bond more over all this spirit that we share.


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