Week 3- Classmate Conversation with Sarah Schneider

Art 110

This week, I spoke to Sarah Schneider, a sophomore here at CSULB. I guess I’m getting lucky about talking to people with uncanny coincidences! Sarah and I are both taking political science 100, nutrition 132, but at different times. These are typical classes for people within my major, but since Sarah is undeclared, it was just a weird coincidence. While she hasn’t chosen a major, she is leaning towards health sciences, because she wants to be a radiologist. It interests her so much that she has an x-ray from when her younger brother broke his arm from getting pushed off of the monkey bars. As random as that is, I thought it really showed that she did know what she wants to do in life.

She lives in Cypress, about 10 minutes away from CSULB. CSULB was the only school she applied to, which I thought was interesting, as most people who decide to go to college apply to a handful of schools, at least! We talked about food too- who doesn’t like in n out, right? We both like science, she just didn’t go with biochemistry because she didn’t wanna deal with chemistry. I FEEL YOU GIRL.

Sarah seemed a little more reserved than most people I talk to- it showed to me that not all people are the same, and CSULB has so many kinds of people here sharing the same campus. Because of the Instagram project this week, we exchanged usernames and I’ll be honest, I stalked her profile a little bit! Through her pictures I could see a happy girl who loves food and her boyfriend to the moon and back. I hope to stay in communication with Sarah and all the classmates that I get to talk to through conversations!

After walking through the art galleries together we took a picture with Zucman, just to add to our fun 🙂

Sarah’s URL is sarahschnieder48.wordpress.com!



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