Week 3- Artist Conversation- Yireh Elaine Kwak

Art 110

This week, in the Max. L. Gatov Gallery West, was “Harmony and discordance: conflicting landscapes ” by Yireh Elaine Kwak

Immediately, I recognized her work to be scenes from real life, but because of the abstractness of some of her work, I decided to ask her how she was inspired to make these scenes abstract. She told me that she observes first, then goes back to her studio and paints from both observation and memory. Then is when she tries to make it more abstract.
She also shared that she sketches first, because she believes that you have to “take out the crap before you can make the good stuff” (LOL)
When it comes to mediums that she paints with, she would call herself an oil painter because that is what takes up the majority of her time. She likes to oil paint, and then take a break and paint on paper. It helps her artistic ideas flow better, because “paper is more forgiving.”
I got curious about her subjects, so asked if she also painted people. She also paints people, but didn’t hang them up because they weren’t necessarily attached to this theme. She’s working on another series that combines people and landscapes . I would absolutely love to follow up and see this new series! She has a lot of talent and also had such a great personality. I really enjoyed talking to her and seeing her work!

Yuri with her work labeled “Walk in the Park”:





“Flamingo Flower”—My favorite piece of hers! I love work that has to do with flowers- something so simple can be made so beautiful, because of different perspectives and use of talent.


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