Week 2- Classmate Conversation with Sophia Guthrie

Art 110

So at first I didn’t want to do the conversation part of this class, but now I really appreciate it. When I got to the art galleries I looked for someone to strike up conversation with, hoping to have things in common with them. And man, I did! Sophia Guthrie is from a small town in the SLO area. I loved the fact that she was freaked out by a sky scraper when she first saw one in LA! Me being from around LA my whole life, this is just a normal thing. She swam in high school just like I did, a coinky dink that I loved! We both did backstroke and that was just uncanny to me. Because we’ve both been fit people for so long and then came to college, we both struggle with the whole “uh i used to be fit, where’d that go….?”. We got along well, and for that, I’m thankful for this assignment and I hope to meet more great people just like Sophia in the upcoming semester. Her URL is evolutionofinfinity.com if you’re curious!

We forgot to take a picture, so we decided to awkward selfie ourselves out of this situation 😛



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