Week 2: Artist Conversation


At first, I thought going to these galleries every week was going to be boring. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE art and being able to see what other people create. But it just didn’t resonate with me how cool this would actually be! I was immediately drawn to the paintings hanging in the Werby Gallery. Sophia (more on her to come!) and I went in and loved how each painting could be deciphered. We mainly wondered who these people were, then realizing some pieces had repeating models. For example, Chase Wolcott both painted in this group  exhibit and starred in two paintings. He is the man on the right in this painting below:



Even though we didn’t take a picture of Chase, this painting works just as well, maybe even better! It was perfect.

Chase was the artist sitting outside of the Werby-Gallery, talking to students about the art inside the exhibit. As expected, most of the questions were “is that you in those two paintings?” to which he just smiled and said yes humbly. Aside from that, Sophia and I asked him what was going on in his painting “Discovery Channel” Simply because we had NO idea. There’s so much included in this piece of art- take a look:

IMG_0137 2


What he had to say definitely intrigued me. He told us that he simply incorporated things that he likes in life, and that he loved the confusion and curiosity that it invoked in people. We  told him that he definitely achieved that within us. He also told us how he started in art- he began drawing and then got into painting. He believes that if you can draw, you can most likely paint , but it doesn’t necessarily work the other way. I whole heartedly agreed because I can sketch and draw, but oh god please don’t hand me a paintbrush!’

Overall, I loved spending this class period in the Werby Gallery.








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