Testing, testing, 123….


So, I told myself this website wasn’t just gonna be for art 110 stuff. So right now seems like as good of a time as ever!

School’s going great, the second semester of my freshman year seems like it’s really gonna treat me well. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t fallen asleep in a single class! Go me. I might just get myself a medal.

As it goes on my weight loss journey, I’m kinda at a loss right now. I’m really having trouble controlling my eating. Stupid dining hall. I find myself not getting full, and then even when I do eat until I’m full, I’m hungry again relatively soon. I’m not sure how I go about fixing this, I really hope it doesn’t set back all the hard work and progress I saw over winter break. I’m gonna try limiting myself to who plates and one has to be a majority of legumes and healthy shizzzzzzzz. That along with water and small tastes of desert should keep me on track. The only thing that really made me feel self conscious today was in nutrition class. We calculated the calories that it takes for our bodies to work on a day to day basis and mine was really high, the same level as a girl who weighs the same but is 4 inches taller than me! I felt weird and just kinda kept reminding myself that it was because I work out and I’m very close to that moderately active level.

Aside from that mental insecurity, today I had the best workout. The best in a while! Arms and abs got nothin on me, I’m killing iiiiittttttt. I just have to make sure I keep getting good amounts of sleep, because I think that’s what really helped me lose weight over break, considering lack of sleep/increased stress is what made me gain an enormous amount of weight last semester. Let’s see how my sleep journey goes.

As it goes for progress photos, I haven’t taken any since the 2nd week of this guide I’ve been doing. Photos should be taken every two weeks but yeah I kinda haven’t really wanted to? Idk. I think I’ll take new ones when i get to the end of the 6th week, so it’ll have been a month in between pictures. I guess I’m just kinda scared of not seeing progress? Seeing that my work isn’t enough or I’m backtracking on myself really gets me down. But I think I’ll be content with the progress I see. After all, I’m only on week 5. This is a 12 week guide! And i feel stronger every workout. This is definitely gonna change my life.

And on a side note I get to see Philip tomorrow {insert heart eyes emoji and 100000 hearts here} I’ve missed my hunk so much and I’m so excited to spend the whole day with him tomorrow 🙂


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